Wholesale Coffee Beans

Battle Alley Coffee supplies our same high quality, beloved beans as wholesale coffee beans to coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores in the US. To get a quote, use the form at the bottom of the page.

Who Are We?

Battle Alley Coffee is a coffee shop, local roaster, and online coffee store located in historic Battle Alley in Holly, MI. We roast 100% Arabica beans in house and avoid flavoring our coffees with the standard chemical processes.

You can find our physical store at

101 Battle Alley Holly, MI 48442

Why Buy Wholesale Coffee from Battle Alley?

As a small roaster, we are flexible and can work with you to fulfill your needs. For example, for smaller businesses we can regularly deliver quantities as small as a pound.

At Battle Alley Coffee, we roast almost everyday to ensure that your beans are fresh as possible. With other wholesale coffee solutions, there’s no telling how long the beans sit in distribution warehouses before getting to your store.

Our customers constantly tell us that our coffee beans give them the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had. We feel this is due to our careful attention during the roasting process and trying to bring the best out of each batch. When you buy our beans, you’re getting the same beans we use in our coffee shop that get such great reviews.

Our Coffee Bean Sourcing

Our source of green beans is a family owned and operated business that has been working directly with the farmers for over 30 years.  The coffee beans are directly traded, certified, and produced using sustainable methods.  Direct Trade means that the supplier has relationships with the farmers and has transparency into their production methods.  It also means paying farmers a fair price for quality rather than buying on the commodity markets.

Available Options

We can deliver your coffee in bean or ground form. We are currently roasting coffee from

  • Columbia
  • Indonesia
  • Guatemala
  • Kenya
  • Panama

If you have a specific origin in mind, please make a note of it in your form submission.

We also sell our custom blends, like

We can also create unique blends and flavors to fit with your shop’s branding.

Get Our Beans

If you are interested in sampling the coffee or obtaining a quote, please contact us by filling out the following form

Battle Alley Coffee Wholesale

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